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One of the questions I am asked is, ‘how did you learn to speak so well?’ In the Speaking For Impact course I have drawn together my tips, tricks and techniques from decades of global speaker experience to enable you to become someone who speaks with impact.

The famous investor Warren Buffet was speaking at a leading business school and offered to pay each student a six figure sum today for 10% of their future earnings. Buffet added that if any student could speak with impact he would increase the six figure sum by 50%. Being able to speak with impact dramatically enhances your career prospects, earning potential and impact in the world!


The Speaking For Impact course is built upon four pillars:

1. Preparing A Killer Presentation
Learning how to prepare a high-impact presentation that fulfils your mandated purpose as well as the needs of your audience each and every time!

2. Mastering Your Stagecraft
Acquiring the knowledge and skills to own the stage, the room and your high-impact presence whatever the setting.

3. Winning Your Audience
Developing your ability to gain the trust and confidence of your audience and lead them on a journey to a high-impact outcome.

4. Generating Speaking Opportunities
Creating a continuous stream of speaking opportunities in your diary and making them 'pay' whether through fees, honorariums and products.

As an integral part of the course you will prepare, deliver and improve a talk that you can use again, again and again. This will also become the prototype for all your future talks.

The course is delivered live online by Matt Bird through four 90 minute video call sessions each of which is supported by a written Resource and 24/7 chat support.

The course starts in September (dates to follow).

The course costs £395 (inclusive of VAT) and can be paid on the link below.


the coach

Matt Bird is a global speaker having spoken in 50 countries, across 4 continents, to more than one million people. He is well known for his inspiration, insight and impact.

Despite being in remedial English classes at school and later being diagnosed as being dyslexic, Matt has authored sixteen books which have sold tens of thousands, been awarded a book of the year and writes regularly for publications such as The Times newspaper.

course alumni

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