CARE for Wholeness

Owning your journey to healing and wholeness begins by intentionally Creating Authentic Restorative Environments - C.A.R.E. From Self-care, to Community, Pastoral and Professional care, we all need safe spaces, fostering masks-off conversations to share our stories. In this book, Madz will envision and equip you with nuggets of wisdom from her own journey that will help you transfer yourself and others from stories of brokenness, to the belief that we were all created for more.


Madz Deyzel has a BA Hons Degree in Theology and Counselling and is a sought-after public speaker who has spoken at a number of National and International Counselling Conferences. She is the founder of EDIFY - Building the Soul - a charity which seeks to equip local churches with counselling training resources for addressing mental health needs in our communities.