Matt Bird

Matt Bird is the founder of Issachar Global helping people communicate what they are passionate about by writing a book and publishing it to the world.

Matt became an author when a friend told him he had a book in him and then opened the doors for him to write and get published. In the same way Matt is passionate to open the doors that enable you to become a published author and maybe a speaker too.

Matt is a prolific author who has published sixteen books, won a book of the year prize and writes regular for publications such as The Times newspaper. He is also a global speaker having spoken in 50 countries to more than one million people and is a guest on TV and radio stations around the world.

He is the Managing Partner of Relationology which coaches great people to achieve great things through building great relationships and the Founder CEO of the not-for-profit NAYBA that helps churches love their neighbours.

When he is not travelling he lives between London, UK and Noto, Italy.

featured title

Visions & Dreams

Would you like God to speak to you through visions and dreams? Join us on this adventure of exploring twelve people in the Bible who God gave a vision or dream. What did it mean to them and what does it mean to us today?

MAtt's Books

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The Times
It's Time For Faith-Driven Entrepreneurs To Emerge
We need an outbreak of something more powerful than a virus: the spirit of enterprise
The Times
How I Was Inspired By Always Being Picked Last At Football
Let's do more to ensure that the people in our communities who might feel left behind, overlooked or alone are invited and included.
The Times
Living Life In Service To Others
The invitation to live life in service of others is not just for churches and religious types.
The Times
Lasting Change Can Only Come From Working Inside Out
Lasting change actually starts in our inner world of attitudes, beliefs and values rather than in our outer world of habits, discipline and behaviour.
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