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Visions & Dreams

Would you like God to speak to you through visions and dreams? Join us on this adventure of exploring twelve people in the Bible who God gave a vision or dream. What did it mean to them and what does it mean to us today?

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business provides 13 essential keys to building a relational ecosystem that will generate a constant stream of business growth opportunities. Each of the 13 keys contains practical tools, tips, and techniques that will enable you to grow a world class business one relationship at a time.

about matt

Matt Bird is the founder of Issachar Global and he believes that everyone has a unique voice.

He is a prolific author who has published sixteen books, won a book of the year prize and writes regular for publications such as The Times newspaper. He is also a global speaker having spoken in 50 countries to more than one million people.

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becoming an author

Matt became an author when a friend told him he had a book in him and then opened the doors for him to write and get published. In the same way Matt is passionate to open the doors that enable you and others to become published authors.

Becoming a published author is described as 'the best business card in the world' because of the constant stream of opportunities it creates for the author. Matt experiences this first hand week in week out and you can too.

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The Writing My Book Course is for anyone who has a desire to become an author. The proven pathway helps you define your idea and turn it into a fully finished book that can be purchased around the world.

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